Purchase and sale of agricultural products

Sale of agricultural machinery

About the company

The company “AGROPROGRESS LVS” has been engaged in agricultural products and agricultural machinery since 2003.

The main activities of the enterprise:

  • growing agricultural products;
  • purchase of agricultural products;
  • production of sunflower and soybean oil;
  • sale of agricultural machinery;
  • sale and export of agricultural products;
  • storage, cleaning, drying of agricultural products;
  • transportation of agricultural products.

The company has a land bank of 8,000 hectares.

We carefully select raw materials and strictly control the quality at each stage of production. Thanks to the use of modern equipment and a well-established technological cycle, our products meet world quality standards.


Our advantages

Contractual obligations

We adhere to contractual obligations in the relationship, which allows us and our customers to feel confident and calm in the most complex projects. We are confident in our work and it is easy for us to document it.

Team of experts

Our team is professional, young, energetic and purposeful. We will do our best to understand the problem, fix it, create a comfortable environment for you to come back to us again and again.

The best price

We are always in the market, and if the price objectively decreases - our client will be the first to learn about it. The marketing department monitors trends from 9 to 18:00 and works on a forecast that allows you to see not only the current picture, but also to know what will happen tomorrow.

Information support

We answer calls and emails 24/7. Everything you may need. No compromises. We undertake to respond to the request within an hour, provided the source data is complete. Information about the status of shipments. Accounting, archiving and recovery of any information you need.

Special conditions for regular customers

Our company is focused on long-term cooperation, and we have many advantageous offers for comfortable and long-term work, which we discuss with our partners individually when signing contracts for 1 year or more.

Extensive experience in the industry

This is probably the most important thing that distinguishes us from competitors. We have successfully established ourselves in the market, which means that you, our dear potential customers, will avoid many difficulties.